Manhattan Beach Middle School

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A Note from the Office re: Attendance Letters

MBMS is acting in accordance with the State of California’s Attendance Laws, in effect as of January 2017. We are required by law to send out absentee letters starting at four absences (including excused). After these steps have been exhausted, students may be referred to DART (meeting with the district) and SARB (Student Attendance Review Board; formal meeting with city leadership). If you feel that your student has received a letter in error, please contact Ms. Aguero via email Please note that family vacations, while meaningful, are not considered excused by the state.

Also note that unexcused absences will change to truancies if not cleared, per state regulations. Please remember that short term independent study is available for absences five to twenty days, upon approval.

If you are interested in reviewing the state laws for attendance, please click here.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this issue.