Manhattan Beach Middle School

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End of Year Tech Return

As the end of the school year approaches, the MBMS Library and Tech Staff want parents to be aware of what is coming in terms of returning student tech devices to the school. Your students are responsible for the item(s) they’ve checked out from MBMS.

  • 6th Graders returned their tech and textbooks on Friday, June 7
  • 7th Graders will return their tech and textbooks on Tuesday, June 11
  • 8th Graders will return their tech and textbooks on Monday, June 10

FYI: these are the steps that students will be asked to complete in June prior to returning school-issued devices. 1) Make sure iPad is backed-up to your iCloud account or iTunes on your computer. 2) Remove Passcode and Sign Out of Apple ID. 3) iPad must be at least 50% charged so Tech can verify that Apple ID/passcode have been removed. DO NOT reset the iPad until a Tech has verified your Apple ID has been removed. 4) Verify iPad is not cracked or damaged in any way. If yes, student will have to pay for the damages. (Damages price list posted in Library). 5) Turn in iPad case, Apple charger brick/block and Apple lightning cable/cord, if issued. Some cables may be black.

If your student has a damaged/lost device or accessories, fines will be assessed. A student’s library record will not be clear until all fines are satisfied.

Parents, please help ensure that your student successfully returns his or her school-issued tech devices and accessories on the June dates listed above and in calendar below. School-Issued device/accessories your student may have: iPad, iPad Case, Charger Brick/Block, Lightning Cable/Cord. For Brick/Block and Cable/Cord (black or white), only school-issued Apple accessories will be accepted.