Manhattan Beach Middle School

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Awwww! 8th Grade Yearbook Baby Photos Due 1/31

8th Grade Parents: Don’t get left out. The yearbook pages that include all 8th Graders' baby photos are one of the best ways to look back and see how far your child has grown--and the kids love them, too! There are only TWO WEEKS left to submit your child’s baby photo. HARD DEADLINE: Friday, January 31 (no photos will be accepted after this date--no exceptions, no deadline extensions).

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR CHILD'S BABY PHOTO: Log onto and input project number 031230. Do not enter a password. Complete the first part, click "next" and upload ONE photo. Enter your child's name in "Last Name_First Name" format (e.g. Ahrens_Rose), then enter “Baby Photo” in the box for Event or Occasion. Please only upload one picture! Deadline is January 31!