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MBUSD to Form New Committee to Address Equity, Diversity, Social Justice & Inclusion

MBUSD to Form New Committee to Address Equity, Diversity, Social Justice & Inclusion
The murder of Ahmed Aubrey, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, followed by several national protests, sparked a new level of reflection in our society. As a community and a school district, we recognize that simply acknowledging systemic and institutional racism is not enough. We must act.   
On September 9, MBUSD Board of Trustees unanimously approved goals for the 2020-2021 academic year which included a new focus on identifying, strengthening and incorporating diverse resources to support the district’s emphasis on equity, diversity, social justice, critical reflection, and inclusion. The Board reaffirmed the importance of district-wide changes that incorporate different backgrounds and experiences, and on October 7 officially formed the Equity, Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion committee.  
MBUSD has a responsibility in actively guiding our families to end implicit bias and stop discriminatory practices that occur within our learning community. We are looking for volunteers to help inform training, curriculum, and policy updates, while also disseminating anti-bias and anti-racism information within the greater community. Individuals selected will serve a one-year term and should anticipate a time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours/week for the remainder of the school year, with meetings taking place in the afternoons. Our goal is to have approximately 30 committee members that will represent all school sites. We are looking for:
  • 5-Elementary representatives-1 from each of the five elementary sites
  • 3 representatives from MBMS
  • 5 representatives from MCHS 
  • One parent representative from each school site 
  • 2-3 students 
  • 2 community members 
  • 2 board members
  • Administration and Union representatives 
If you are interested in joining the MBUSD Equity Committee, please complete this INTEREST FORM and submit by October 30th. Whether you complete the form or not, thank you for joining us in this work.