Manhattan Beach Middle School

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MBMS After School Clubs!

MBMS After School Clubs

We have a few clubs starting in the week of Oct. 19. We’re thrilled to be providing these opportunities for students and hope to add more as the year progresses. It’s important to know that though our school schedule names a specific time for after school clubs, these are provided on a voluntary basis by our teachers and staff. We welcome the staff’s enthusiasm for the topics and time for students!

  • Monday – Fit Family Fun Workout
  • Tuesday – MBMS Social Club, New Life Christian Club, Minecraft Club
  • Wednesday - Musical Theatre Club
  • Thursday – Interact: Community Service Club, Dance Club and Rocket League Club

Click here for a list of the current MBMS Clubs details!

Also, students are encouraged to start their own club. Find a teacher advisor and then reach out to Ms. Aguero for next steps.

Current and updated MBMS Club information will be posted in the ASB Google Classroom, the Grade Level Counselors Google Classrooms and on our school website (under Student/Clubs). Google Classroom invites for the above as follows: 6th=tr3dihz, 7th=ysrjnvc, 8th=pzqaaya, ASB=owveexy.