Manhattan Beach Middle School

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Vocal and Exploratory Music Programs

MBMS Vocal Music Program
Mrs. Heather Gold-Pollak, MBMS Director of Vocal Music 
Gordon Glor, Accompanist

The award winning MBMS Choirs are fun electives for kids who like to sing. Our choir courses are designed to help singers develop strong healthy singing/vocal technique, while mastering musicianship and literacy skills. In choir students make lasting friendships and perform great music in a variety of styles from classical to pop. There are concerts given on a regular basis. Students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to join!
MBMS Choir is a place to share talent & enjoy being part of a group that likes to sing.
All singers are welcome and encouraged to let their voices shine!

MBMS choirs build well-rounded performers and strong musicians. Singing in choir prepares our members to audition and perform anywhere they like. Many of our members audition and are selected to participate in local and national honor choirs, musical theater shows, and/or continue singing in the internationally acclaimed Mira Costa Choirs. 

In MBMS Choir Your Child Will Find:
*An instant group of FRIENDS!
*The chance to go on FUN FIELD TRIPS!
*A pathway to high school and college, ARTS CREDITS!
*A place to PERFORM!
*Somewhere to SHINE!
*A ton of FUN!
*A place to call HOME!

Our MBMS Choirs
Choirs for 6th Grade:
Sand & Sea Singers - 6th Grade Girls & Guys

Choirs for Upper Grades
Ocean Wave Chorale – 7th and 8th Grade Girls & Guys (Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass)
Madrigal Singers*- 7th and 8th Grade Girls & Guys, Advanced Auditioned Chamber Choir

*Madrigal Singers is an advanced, auditioned, chamber choir for 7th and 8th graders that rehearses after school on Wednesdays from 3:10-4:10 p.m., and Tuesdays at reading/lunch, and also during some additional reading time & lunches. This ensemble often represents our school by performing in our community. *Madrigal Singers must be enrolled in Choir as one of their electives during the school day.

How To Join MBMS Choir

6th Grade:
Students entering sixth grade may sign for choir when they register for sixth grade.

No audition is required to join choir in sixth grade.

Sixth Grade Electives at MBMS:
Sixth grade students at MBMS can choose to take one or two electives.
A) 7 Period Day with One Elective
Choir, Instrumental Music or the Wheel*
*The wheel is a series of three classes, (for approximately 12 weeks each), that introduce students to several different electives.

B) 8 Period Day with Two Electives
By adding a zero period, from 7:20-8:05 a.m., (usually PE), 6th Graders can take two electives:
     1) Choir and Instrumental music
     2) Choir and the Wheel
     3) Instrumental Music and the Wheel.


7th and 8th Grade:
Sign for MBMS choir when you register for classes in the Spring.

Want to join one of our award-winning ensembles?
Please fill out the choir elective form and return to the Choir Room (120) Or email it to

Do you want to take two electives?
Zero periods are offered to students wishing to take music plus another elective.

Support for the MBMS Music Program
Manhattan Beach Middle School, with the support of our Manhattan Beach Unified School District, MBEF, MBMS PTA, MBX, MB Kiwanis, FOLA (Foundation of Local Arts), and generous parent donations/contributions, has been able to offer unique opportunities, such as our choral and instrumental music program, as part of the curriculum for all students wishing to participate. Because our students have both passion and talent for making music, we continue to offer these opportunities; and we request voluntary assistance to help support the music program.

In order for MBMS to continue its tradition of excellence in choral music, parents of students in our MBMS Vocal Music Programs are asked to make a voluntary donation to help support some aspects of the music program, and to purchase an outfit for their child. Costume lending programs, are available for those who are unable, or do not wish to, purchase the outfit.

It is our community’s generosity that allows our MBMS music programs to flourish. A heartfelt thank you goes to all the entities that make our MBMS Music Programs possible.