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Students » Independent Study Athletics (ISA)

Independent Study Athletics (ISA)


EVALUATION BY COACH/INSTRUCTOR: Written evaluations corresponding to the athlete’s list of goals and activities should be submitted by the coach to Denise Anderson by the deadlines indicated below. Parents will NOT be approved as a supervising instruction/coach for his or her child.

ACTIVITY LOG: The student’s weekly practice and competition schedule should be recorded on a DAILY basis. The log should reflect the date of the activity, the hours spent engaged in the activity, and the nature of the activity. To meet the requirements for credit, high school students must complete a minimum of 15 hours of appropriate activity per week. The requirement for middle school students is a minimum of 10 hours of appropriate activity per week. The activity log must be submitted by the deadlines indicated below.

PLEASE NOTE: Any weekend games and /or competitions: A maximum of 2 hours per day may be logged for the student's week of activity.

Remember to make copies of ALL ISA documents for your files.

Please submit all documents to Denise Anderson’s mailbox at your school or via email to