Manhattan Beach Middle School

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MBMS Counselors and Social Emotional Wellness Resources

Support for Social Emotional Wellness/Learning is available at various levels. This page aims to connect families to resources that are available through Manhattan Beach Unified School District, Manhattan Beach Middle School, South Bay Families Connected, and within the community.     
On campus, students can access social emotional support from their grade assigned MBMS school counselor.
Parents can access social emotional support and information from weekly virtual parent chats, periodic presentations, and articles through MBMS Families Connected made possible by the MBMS PTA.
Webinar - Parenting in a Digital World Nov 4, 2021 06:30 PM
December 2nd at 12:30 Dr. Moe Gelbart will present on The Silver Lining of COVID: What We Have Learned From the Pandemic and How to Survive This School Year
South Bay Families Connected Speaker Series Returns!
Dr. David J. Schonfeld discusses “Supporting Our Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic.”
If families are in need of a referral for a mental health services, the Beach Cities School Well-Being Line Youth Services has a database of service providers in the community.
MBMS PTA representation, VP of Student Wellness co-chairs