Manhattan Beach Middle School

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Registration & Electives

Each year, students have the opportunity to take an electives course during their school day. Sixth graders have one elective in their daily schedule and seventh and eighth graders have two. Please see the course offerings link for a description of our elective classes.

Electives for 6th Graders

Electives for 7th & 8th Graders

Zero period can also be added to a student’s schedule in order to provide an additional elective class in their day. In order to do this, one of the electives must be a yearlong music class (choir, orchestra or band). Before choosing this option, we do encourage families to consider how an eight-period day will impact their child’s overall educational experience. In addition, it is important to consider a student’s natural sleep patterns (are they an early riser?) as a 7:10 AM start time can make a huge difference to a families’ morning ritual.

Here are some videos describing a few of the electives offered: