Manhattan Beach Middle School

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Counseling » The Role of a Counselor at MBMS

The Role of a Counselor at MBMS

Grade Level Counselors:
  • Provide scheduling and counseling for currently enrolled students 
  • Conduct grade checks
  • Facilitate parent/teacher/student meetings and student study team (SST) meetings as necessary 
  • Attend SARB/SART (Student Attendance Review Board) meetings
  • Provide personal crisis counseling, including referrals as needed to outside agencies
  • Collaborate with special education case carriers and school psychologists
  • Collaborate with MBPD/School Resource Officer
  • Assist with transitions from elementary to the middle school level as well as the 8th grade transition to the high school
  • Provide academic support and planning
  • Teach students coping strategies
  • Support students in organizational, study and test-taking skills
  • Teach students positive peer relationships and effective social skills 
  • Educate students on communication, problem solving, decision-making and conflict resolution
  • Collaborate and educate students on goal-setting
  • Educate students in understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses

Student Wellness and 504 Counselor
  • Identify students needing additional support
  • Provide ongoing support and crisis counseling for individuals
  • Schedule and conduct 504 meetings