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8th to 9th Grade Transition Information

Registration Information Below Shared by MCHS 

Important Resources:

  • Course Description Handbook 
    • This document has detailed MCHS course offerings. It includes information needed for scheduling, as well as the prerequisites and course descriptions for each available class. 
  • MCHS Student Course Selection Screencast
    • This screencast will take you through our process including the role of the student (Gmail account) and Aeries, our student information system.
  • Information for Selecting Courses in AERIES
    • This screencast is produced by Aeries and will walk students through the process of selecting courses with click-by-click directions.            
      • Log into your AERIES account.
      • Click on “Student Info.”
      • Click on “Course Request Entry.”
      • Under “Subject Area”, you can filter courses. 
      • Select the course you would like to take.    Example: For English 9, you would select 10001. 
      • If you select a semester course (course number ending in 3), make sure to select another semester long course ending in 3.  
      • 9th-11th grade students must select a minimum of 6 courses.
      • 12th grade students must select a minimum of 5 courses.
      • The maximum number of courses a student can select is 7. 
      • The maximum number of AP courses a student can select is 4.  
      • If you do not want a zero period class, you MUST select “Excused Zero Period”, which will not be counted as one of your course selections.  
      • For all elective courses, students MUST select one alternate.  
      • For 9th grade students planning to play a sport, it is highly recommended that you select “Zero Period Athletics” in order to not disrupt your schedule when your season begins.   
      • For 12th grade students selecting English 12 Seminars, you MUST click on “Add Alternate” for each of your two choices.  Select an alternate option for each seminar. 
      • Once you complete your selection of course requests, you can log out.  There is no save button.  


  • Review Selected Courses
    • Students, review the courses you selected.
    • Consider the time required to be successful in these courses in conjunction with any in-school and out-of-school extracurricular activities.   
    • Discuss the selections and time commitment with your parents in order to ensure you have a balanced schedule.   



  • Counselor Meetings 
    • In April and May, every student will meet directly with a school counselor to review the selected courses for the fall.  If any changes need to be made, a counselor will assist with that process at that time. 
    • Incoming 12th
    • Incoming 11th 
    • Incoming 10th 
    • Incoming 9th
      • American Martyrs School 
      • Hermosa Valley School 
      • Manhattan Beach Middle School 



The course request window will open at 8:00AM for: 

Incoming 12th Grade:  

Incoming 11th Grade:  

Incoming 10th Grade:  

Incoming 9th Grade:  


If you have any questions about which classes to take, please reach out to your counselor via email. They are ready for your questions and are happy to help.

Last Name Alpha Case

School Counselor



Jennifer Wildenberg


Keshia Fields


Brittney Oystrick


David Beck


Emily Sommer

Academic Support A-L

Sina Evans

Academic Support M-Z

Teby Wammack

Other Reminders:


  • Add alternates for all electives as well as all 3rd year or above science courses.
  • Add excused periods where necessary (Ex. excused 6th for athletics).
  • Add excused zero if you do not want a zero period class.


*If you are concerned about the “Algebra 1 Requirement not Met” message on your Aeries screen because you have already taken and passed Algebra 1, please disregard. We are currently working through this programming error.


Mira Costa Athletics
If your child is interested in playing sports at Mira Costa, please visit the MBX Booster Clubs webpage, select their sport(s), and learn about summer training requirements, try-outs, league schedules and more. Lots of important dates are already approaching!