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Yearbook Information & Photo Submission

Dear MBMS Families,


As some of you know, I’m the adviser for the MBMS Press, our school’s journalism class. We are responsible for our school yearbook, The Tidal Wave, and this year, we need your help! We are crowd-sourcing our photos this year and that means we need every family at MBMS to contribute.


 Each week, I’ll be sending out a new photo assignment asking for photos covering a certain theme or topic. One week we might be asking you to send in photos of your kids in their favorite mask and another week we might ask you to send in a photo of your kid enjoying their favorite meal or playing their club team sport. My student staff will determine what each week will focus on and sometimes it might be a variety of things. Our yearbook this year is going to be different than any book before it so we appreciate your understanding as we feel our way forward.


This week is your first assignment and it’s an easy one: Summer Fun! We want pictures of what your kids did this summer and what they’re doing right now. Anything your kids did from the end of school last year until the end of September is fair game. We want photos of your kids on vacation or walking the dog or sitting outside reading a book or even crashed on the couch in the middle of the day because there’s nothing to do. Please try to focus on action shots or fun poses instead of just sending pictures of your kids standing in front of something. Those are great but action shots where we can see your kids’ faces showing what they’re experiencing are always better. The point of our yearbook is that we are trying to capture the story of the year so everything is fair game.

We hope to get way more photos than we can use and can’t guarantee every photo will wind up in the yearbook but we will try to get the rest up on our student news site.


To submit your photos, go to:


You can submit as many photos as you like. Please make sure they’re of the largest file size (i.e. best quality) you can get. We want to see photos with faces so please make sure we can see the people in the photo.

If you have any questions about the yearbook or these photo assignments, you can email me at or We can’t do this year’s book without your help so please contribute your favorite photos from this summer and the start of school. And keep an eye out for more photo assignments! Oh, and yes, your kids can submit photos as well. Just remind them that they need to be middle school appropriate.

Thank you so much!

David Levy