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MBMS Career Day

We are excited to bring the first Career Day to MBMS. This event occurs each year in May. 


An important part of secondary standards is understanding the real-life implications for learning, and how people use the skills students are learning in their careers.  We hope to open the eyes of students to many careers out there – some familiar and some they may not have considered.


The morning will be divided into forty-five minute sessions.  Each session will be a panel of five to six speakers from the MBMS community with a career in one of five key areas.  Students will rotate through each session: 

Arts, Media, and Entertainment


Public Service


Science and Technology


Our focus for the morning is on different careers in these areas rather than just the ones that might be obvious. Our goal is to open the minds of MBMS students to the possibilities in careers before they get to the high school where they start to specialize in specific areas.  We have a second message that career paths are often not a straight line, and that what may be a challenge in one’s career can actually be the opening to a next step.  We feel this will be an inspiring and informational morning for our students.  Please know this is a school day, and attendance is required unless a child is sick.