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Grades of Green

Pending upon the safe return to lunch activities.

MBMS is making waves this year with Grades of Green(link is external) (an award-winning environmental nonprofit) and Waste Management(link is external), as they bring the Grades of Green Trash Free Lunch program to MBMS! All five elementary schools in Manhattan Beach have successfully implemented this program and the students have demanded it be brought to their middle school. Grades of Green will inspire and empower the students at MBMS to care for the environment by providing MBMS with:

  • Eco-consultation of the school;
  • Assembly to educate students about the importance of conserving natural resources, reducing litter and landfill waste, preventing pollution, and the 3R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle);
  • Implementation of a lunch time sorting system which will give students the opportunity to sort their waste into specific bins including: recycling, bottles and cans, landfill and liquids;
  • Waste audit to assess how well students recycle before and after the implementation of the lunch time sorting system;
  • Encouragement to keep the campus litter-free.

MBMS Lunchtime Sorting Station

Why? To reduce landfill waste and encourage social responsibility above students.  Over $2000 possible savings to district if done correctly everyday.

  • Green cart (with yellow lid): all food and liquid waste including milk cartons and paper cartons and wrappers…pizza boxes too.
  • Blue cart (on wheels): empty bottles and cans for CRV
  • Blue mesh/metal can with clear liners: basically ANY clean and empty plastic or aluminum recyclable materials such as:  plastic salad containers, cups, Lunchable containers-…if it contains food or liquid and can get other material “ooey gooey”, empty it in “food waste” before recycling.
  • Grey mesh/metal can with dark liners: flimsy plastic snack wrappers.
  TIPS while volunteering:
  • ALWAYS sign in at the office and wear volunteer lanyard
  • Lunch is 12:25-1:20 M, T, Thu and Fri; 12:55-1:32 Wednesday
  • Gloves will be available at sign in sheet
  • Stand around sorting station to answer questions, show students the proper bin for their waste (if they forget) and ask students to “pick up” trash as needed.  If students are sitting around with waste on their table, ask them to sort then they can return to their table. Be DIRECT and CLEAR with speaking with students. *Sign up to volunteer by using Sign-up Genius(link is external).

Questions: Nicole Sevier sends e-mail)