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Pali Institute Info Night 3/4 6pm in MPR

Please join us for a Pali Information night on Wednesday, March 4th, 6 – 6:30 p.m. in the MPR to answer any lingering questions you may have.  

By now, you should have received an invitation from  to manage your child’s account for Pali Institute. If you have not received this invite, please contact Percy Lu at .  If your child has needs for medication, please package it with their name, doctor’s note, and turn into the health office by March 13.  If your child already has medications in the health office that you would prefer to send, please submit your request to the health office to or by March 13.   We do not send any medications from MBMS without written orders from parents  This includes Epi-Pens, inhalers, Glucagon, and Diastat.  Please note that any over the counter medicines (Tylenol, Advil, Claritin, etc) will be available at Pali and DO NOT need to be sent.

Your children will be receiving a google form to complete requesting their cabin-mates in their Science class.  They will select three friends and will be placed in a cabin with one of their requests.

Science School at the Pali Institute is coming March 24-27. Please click here for the packing list. For those of you who will be attending MBMS that week instead of Pali, homeroom begins at 8:10am. There will be no zero period for sixth graders from March 24-27.  During these four days, students will have a special schedule that will include Humanities, Science, PE and Electives.